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From athletes to athletes by athletes. What's Next is dedicated to supporting current student-athletes beyond the playing field by broadcasting the stories of those who came before them.


“Human minds rely on stories as the primary road map for understanding, making sense of, remembering and planning our lives- as well as the countless experiences and narratives we encounter along the way.” - Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoe Company, author of Start Something That Matters

Welcome to What’s Next, a look into the lives and careers of former college athletes who have found answers to one of the most difficult questions every one of us faces: What’s Next?. Get ready to dive into an endless and exciting conversation about what lies ahead after our playing days have ended.


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September 12, 2018


What's Next - Neil & Anthony 

Guest - Alex Aust, Former National Champion in Lacrosse for the University of Maryland. Currently the Director at Finish Line Lacrosse, Professional Lacrosse Player for the Baltimore Ride, US Lacrosse National Team Member, Under Armo...

August 28, 2018


What's Next - Neil & Gary

Guest - Matt Pegler, Ex-College of Charleston Pitcher & MLB Agent/Advisor

WE. ARE. BACK. And so is Matt Pegler! 

Welcome to Season 2 of What's Next!

For those of you who tuned in to Season 1 Episode 7, Matt needs no introduction. The guy i...

October 18, 2017

Lineup What's Next: Gary, Kevin, Neil

Guest: Alex Tuccio, Former Baseball Player at Siena College and Current Founder/CEO of ScoutDay

He may have been a foe on the field at one point but we couldn't be happier to have connected on a professional/personal level with Alex...

October 4, 2017


Guest: Adam Greenberg, Former - Major League Baseball Player and Current CEO of Lurong Living and author of the just-released book "Get Up | The Art of Perseverance".

What's Next?: Ant, Gary, Kevin, Neil

If you all left Part 1 of Adam's interview feeling insp...

September 6, 2017

Q: What the heck is a QUICK HIT?!

A: In this week's interview with Miniard we took a different approach. Sometimes our day-to-day doesn't allow for us to enjoy a full forty-five minute podcast. Things come up, we get distracted and we miss out on valuable information th...

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