Neil Mammele, MBA

Hometown: Madison, CT

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 210

Class: Quinnipiac University '12,

Quinnipiac Univeristy '13

Team: PlanSource

Position: Sr. Manager, Demand Generation


Hey folks, Neil here. Co-Founder of What's Next with my three friends and once-upon-a-time teammates Kevin and Anthony. Sports have always been a part of my life. From tee-ball games, orange slices after soccer, to travel baseball, High School Football and then continuing baseball into College. They've always been there. A constant expectation of what's next as season changed. Fall, meant football. Winter meant training for baseball which took me to spring, summer was a mix of both. It was always there which brought a level of comfort since I knew what was next.

College baseball was an amazing experience. We got to travel all around the country playing some of the best talent. Our first game my freshman year was against defending number 1 ranked, Georgia bulldogs. Talk about a culture shock for a kid from a small town in Connecticut. While at Quinnipiac I quickly realized the pipe dream of "Pro Athlete" wasn't a reality. I continued my focus on the game but began to dive deeper into my studies as a Marketing Major. After finishing my MBA at Quinnipiac I went into Ad Agency life where I dove into the psychology of advertising, finding out why people respond to certain messaging. Since then I've moved into the digital field and currently work as the head of demand generation at Benefits Administration and HCM company. Every day is different, I dig it.

I joined up with Anthony and Kevin first because they are my best friends. And any opportunity to create something with them was a "hell yes." But I thought more about the concept and got a sense for how much there is a need for something like this - a platform for ex-athletes of all shapes and sizes to gather and simply have a discussion. Or, to feel like they aren't alone in some of the apprehensions they feel. I still remember that anxiety after my last career game. "What Now? What's Next?" It hit me hard that this was it, and while there were men's leagues and pickup games it was going to be pretty freaking hard to replicate this process and lifestyle.

I look back on the 5 years since graduation and it's been quite a ride. Professionally, I've accomplished some of the goals I've set out for myself. However this platform adds a whole other layer to fulfillment. I hope you enjoy it and join us in helping each other figure out, what's next.


Currently, I reside in Charleston, South Carolina with my fiancé, Mallory, and our dog Petey.