Our Why



The betterment of student-athletes is something that matters to us at What’s Next. It’s an identity and experience that is woven intricately inside all of us. However, it’s no longer being worn in the form of a NCAA collegiate uniform. Our experiences for better or worse have framed the way we take on our work in our professional lives, regardless of our respective fields. In the midst of the student-athlete experience, the balancing act, the delicate tip-toeing of academics, sport and social life lies an uncovered and burning question. It is a question we would sometimes rather suppress or have someone else figure out for us. It builds slowly gaining steam as the time passes, season after season. Again, we deflect and press on. There comes a time when there is no way around it and we have to ask ourselves. We have to look at our four years of sweat, friendships, exams, all-nighters, bus trips, tears wins, losses and passion and pack it all somehow into one question - What’s Next?  


The question is existential but practical, it’s futurist but also momentary. The question is simple yet complex. It has an answer and it has no answer. It’s debatable but always up for rebuttal. As former athletes ourselves, the weight of this question sparked an idea. Create a platform for the question to be less scary and more motivating. Create a platform where this question becomes less avoidant and more confronted. Create a platform where former college athletes tell stories and have conversations about their life in their professional work. Where lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, coaches, media specialists, accountants, artists, chefs, and scientists share a dialogue with one underlying theme; they were once just like you. Like the 460,000 NCAA athletes and almost 8 million high school athletes across the country they pondered the same questions, had the same dilemmas. They’ve felt it. We’ve all felt it and we’ve all asked ourselves one question - What’s Next?


Enjoy it,


Anthony, Neil, Kevin & Gary