The Power of Patience with Vianna McGugan

How a life long passion is taking the women of Uganda above the rim.

Here it is folks! The first interview on What's Next. Really lucky to have Vianna join us as our first interviewee. She was awesome and an incredible story teller as she explained her life from being 1 of 8 brothers and sisters, being the boss of the house, playing against the boys growing up, and even going on to coach boys to an 18-1 record. We then get to now, where on top of being a Scientist, she is heading up a non-profit out of Uganda that uses basketball as a tool to get women out of harms way and into schools.

It's and incredible journey and we hope you enjoy!


Some main messages and points we got from this:

- 3 min, growing up in a big family, being the only girl playing against boys..... and winning!

- 5:40, getting married young, having her first child, and going back to playing.

- 16:30, not acting on impulse. Exercising patience and planning when a passion arises.

- 24:20, building a major sports complex in a third world country.

- 33:04, the importance of feedback when others are donating to your cause.

- 38:55, practical advice for current student athletes who's sports careers are coming to a close.

Check out the interview here.

Great video on Teammates for Life

Post Show - Recap

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