The Holistic Hustle with AJ Adamczyk

How an injury in his youth took AJ on a journey towards his passion.

AJ was a hell of a guest. We could of chatted with this guy for hours. Also the first week with our new member, Gary!

We really enjoyed this one and thank AJ for the time. He'll be back for sure!


Some favorite parts from this episode

- 1:53 intro to AJ

- 8:02 how he finally tried acupuncture.

- 11:30 how you may be doing injury rehab all wrong.

- 13:05 the benefits of acupuncture.

- 17:15 changing the opiate problem in our nation.

- 27:05 starting his own podcast.

- 28:05 avoiding being a master of none. Find a niche and be the best.

- 32:02 the importance of a good work life balance and how he does it.

- 35:00 steps to finding the right mentor.

- 40:00 the hurdles he faces.

- 42:03 the importance of knowing your market.

Ant also talks about his own experience with acupuncture as a patient of AJ.

You can listen to the episode HERE.

AJ's Website

Post Show - Recep

Hey Gar! Gary's with us full time and this is the first time you get to see and hear from him. Here we are recapping AJ's interviews, working out some kinks, and flexing (Ant).

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