Travel Thoughts: Thank You

If there is one thing work travel gives you it's time for reflection. I find it a bit therapeutic sometimes to have a lengthy layover. Plug the headphones in, walk the terminal, or hunker down in a secluded spot and get to work. So that's where I'm coming from today. It's a Sunday and what was supposed to be a quick trip to Indianapolis for a conference is proving to be anything but. *Rant and airline to be named later*

.....But I'm in my quiet spot, with some Grateful Dead going and a coffee. I'm feeling good.

I'll start by saying "thank you". We can't thank you all enough for the support you've shown us over this past week. Launching something is scary. And it took Ant, Gary, Kevin and I hours upon hours to realize that we were finally ready. Thank god we did it. The feedback says it all. Vianna reached out to Kevin and was blown away with the support from her interview. That's what this is all about.

I see "What's Next?" as the ultimate connection tool. It's here to help the college athlete who knows the Pros are not a reality find a potential next path. It's about getting ex teammates back in touch with each other when they haven't talked in ages. Or even to put some minds at ease that we're all just here trying our best to figure out our next move. Nobody has it all together right here and now, as much as they may seem to. We're taught as athletes to pick your teammate up, which is where I think the willingness of our friends to share What's Next with their friends and co-workers has come from. We're getting more inquiries and recommendations for discussions than we ever could have hoped for. And we'll make it our mission to get to them all in one way or another.

So keep the feedback coming. We're releasing our next interview tomorrow with AJ Adamczyk, an ex-pitcher and current Acupuncturist out of New Jersey. He's got a wild story, having Tommy John at the age of 15 and battling his way back to become a collegiate closer. He talks about finding acupuncture and the ins and outs of an ancient, yet trending industry.

As always, reach out with any comments or feedback. You can also enroll in our monthly email series where we'll provide some of our favorite books, podcasts and other materials. Aggregated just for you and your personal growth.



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