Kevin Tarca vs. The World

How an undersized basketball player from Jersey is chasing his dream. No matter which country it's hiding in.

"Ke-vin, Tar-ca!" The man needs no introduction for our fellow QU grads. Fans chanted his name during games whether he was playing or not. He's that kind of guy who has an incredible following and support system. He's traveled coast to coast, backpacked Southeast Asia, and is current traveling Europe and studying as part of Euroleague. He's a good buddy of our's so you'll see the conversation is seamless and his personality really shines when he tells his story. And we're thankful for that because it's really an incredible one. Standout high school basketball player. Undersized for D1 but that didn't stop him from chasing his dream. There's a lot of good soundbites from this one, let's get into it...

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Breakdown of what we saw. Let us know what you thought!


2:00 Intro

3:45 What it's like to "sell yourself."

5:50 going from "the man" to a walk on.

9:40 Quitting the 9-5. "What now?"

10:40 About the Euroleague Masters Program.

12:45 The "stuck point" when you feel like you need to do something more/better.

15:01 Time & Money. Make the most of each.

16:15 How traveling changes your perspective. How blessed we really are.

19:40 Investing in yourself

26:01 Starting a nonprofit with two friends The Purpose Network

30:10 The Fear of Failing and not comparing yourself to others.

35:45 Gary Vaynerchuk's model of investing in people + Maintaining soft connection.

37:45 Tips for a College student who is stuck or trying to figure out "What's Next?"

40:00 Smart networking.

43:45 Kevin battles with "What's Next?"

47:00 Neil's Wrap Up

Some Important Links!

His Instagram

Check Out His Vlog Series as he travels Europe. Our favorite video, and one he mentions on the podcast, is below:

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