A Better Seat at the Table with Haley Jones

How a hunger for more from her 9 to 5 led Haley Jones to Co-found jonesbar with her brother, Taylor.

Welcome back everyone! Super excited about this week's interview with Haley Jones, ex- Field Hockey Player from Michigan and current Co-Founder of jonesbar. Haley was an awesome guest and told her story of vagabond child to hockey, and eventually field hockey, standout at Michigan. During her summers she'd join up with her brother in pursuit of a new venture. His passion was contagious and they'd spend hours upon hours in their garage crafting these handmade nutritional bars. After a few years in corporate America that call to join her brother ceased to lessen and so here we are!

She believes in giving back, and hence a main part of their mission is to ensure their customers and fans are doing so as well. This inspired their OneDayaMonth mission, which on their site states, "At least one day out of each month go out in your community and make a difference."

Love it, and we think you will too. Let's get into it!

Haley in the net for Michigan!

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0:00: Thank you and a brief about the episode

4:00: Growing up all over the Nation, landing in Michigan and playing Hockey

5:05: Quitting the desk job for entrepreneurship.

You'll Learn: What to watch out for when leaving the comfort of a paycheck for a startup

7:00: What is jonesbar?

Their Motto: "Eat Simple. Live Simple"

11:45: How Start Something That Matters by TOMs founder Blake Mycoskie changed her life and put a new perspective on passion.

Their OneDayaMonth

15:00: Biggest takeaways from switching majors and going "non-business."

"Nobody has ever asked me what my major was!" Haley's take on bouncing from major to major. Only to find that it was her networking that made the difference in the end.

18:30: the grinds of startup life and what kept her going.

You'll Learn: The Biggest Hurdles you will face in a startup.

"It's face paced, yet slow at the same time. You have to be patient, especially when working with legal hurdles."

23:30: Competing with the whole aisle at the grocery store.

You'll Learn: How to differentiate against a bigger competitor.

28:15: Advice to a College Jr.

You'll Learn: Developing proper relationships and networking.

The importance of being patient and meticulous.

33:45: People want to help. Just ask for it!

36:45: Wrap Up and closing thoughts.

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Know somebody who would be a great guest? Drop us a note and we'll get them on the books!

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