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January 8, 2018

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Why Wyatt Melzer is Nice to the Pizza Guy

August 22, 2017

From child model, to lacrosse standout after picking it up late, to national champion, to coach/mentor for harlem students, to millennial consultant - Wyatt Melzer knows the value of setting goals, and what it takes to achieve them.


Thank you so much to our friend Gabi for hooking this one up. Wyatt was a hit and by the end of this I'm sure you'll be cheering him on to reach his goal of President of the United States. You heard that right.. and he's more in line for it than you would think.


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Let's get into it!


0:00: Intro to Wyatt.

3:00: Wyatt's story.

    4:05: life as a child model (we wish you prepped us with this one!)

    5:20: Learning about Lacrosse (in 9th grade!) and falling in love with it.

    7:30: The Ups and Downs experiences with UVA Lacrosse.

    9:15: After school, the want to do something more than a desk job. About Harlem Lacrosse and       it's mission of using Lacrosse as an opportunity platform for intercity kids.

11:05: Testing out Corporate America. 

You'll Learn: How positive perspective each day makes the work day go by better and allows you to get more out of your day to day.


"Life is One Big Sale. Whether it be a product or yourself."


12:30: Starting M2 Strategies, an Opportunity Platform for Millennials.

16:30 - 19:30: Why Wyatt has always been so comfortable in his pursuits. He's gone from extreme to extreme.

Soundbites: "Enjoy the moment. What do you want to focus on next? Worry about who you are. Put the blinders on."

20:15: His National Championship Experience.


23:05: How the game of Lacrosse is growing and an intro into Harlem Lacrosse.

28:45: Resistance he faced when Entering his first year of Harlem Lacrosse.




"We went from having a parent/teacher conference where ONE parent showed up to having a full field of fans coming to these games. It was about total buy in and the community got that."


37:50: You'll Learn: 3 Lessons from now retired and hall of fame Coach, Dom Starsia to live a better Life.


1) Be Nice to the Pizza Guy. There is a really cool example of this in practice in Malcom Gladwell's novel, Blink. Malcom Gladwell talks about the success of a certain car salesman, Bob Golomb, and how because he treated each potential buyer with the same amount of respect - aka a good human- he saw extremely high close rates on sales. Learn More here.

2) Enjoy the Journey.

3) Be Resilient. How Do You Handle Adversity?


45:04: Making somebody's day. 

Advice: Be the ONE person that makes somebody's day. Whether it through a smile, a nice greeting or a gift. You'd be surprised how little gestures go such a long way for anyone.


46:32: Advice for somebody in a stuck point wondering "What's Next?"

"Anyone can tell somebody to follow their dreams but how the heck do you get there?"

Little Changes: He gives you a couple things to try. Drawing from Tim Ferriss's advice

Things to try: Quit Drinking for 6 months, Find 3 things (daily, weekly, and in your life) and it keeps you in check.


55:45: What's Next for Wyatt. You're going to like this one (stay tuned for 2028.....)

1:00:34: Outro/Final Thoughts


Important Links:


M2 Strategies Twitter


Wyatt's Email is :


Wyatt brings his inner-city middle school team to UVA.


Dom Starsia visits former Wyatt and the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program at PS 149.



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