How do You Prepare for the Pros and Life After? with Kevin Cope


What's Next: Kevin, Neil & Gary.

Guest: Kevin Cope, MSU Soccer Alumni and Current Sales Director in Financial Planning.

Kevin's dream growing up wasn't all that uncommon from the rest of us athletes. He wanted to become a pro. What sets him apart is that he actually achieved this goal. Kevin Cope was able to share the field with some of the best in the game in the MLS. But what happens when it ends, especially more abruptly than you originally anticipate?

That's what we're here to talk with Kevin about. How you recalibrate after an entire life's focus and goals are achieved, and then taken away before you ever even have time to soak it in. The self doubt creeps in. Did I put too many eggs into this basket? What if I focused more on getting my first job and let sports play out?

There are no right answers, but Kevin allows us to at least have a conversation on what to do next.

Let's get into it...

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Kevin during his time at MSU

Show Notes/Important Points:

2:15: Intro to Kevin

7:25: Being a young captain and the parallels in being a young manager in the workplace.

You'll Learn: How important energy and confidence are when leading by example.

10:30: Kevin's mindset before the MLS SuperDraft.

You'll Learn: What Kevin wished he did differently before being drafted into the MLS. Also, What it takes to play in the MLS.

13:45: Prepping for reaching your goals. What to do once you reach your goal. Hint (What do you do next?)

14:15: The importance in Communication and Feedback in leading a team.

Relevant Article: "5 Reasons Why Feedback May be the Most Important Skill."

16:15: Steps he took after leaving the MLS.

-Fighting Self Doubt

-Expected something more from the game than he got

You'll Learn: The importance of taking a look from an outsiders perspective. Benefits of being grateful.

22:00: How Smart Network got Kevin his first job in Finance.

-Put Pride & Ego Aside.

-Being a Resource for helping others. Give more than you get.

"Raise Your Hand and Ask For Help. You'll be Surprised at the Number of People in Your Network who are Willing to Help."

26:30: Powerful Quote: "I Quit My 9 to 5 to start something that is 24/7."

30:02: What Kevin Would Do Differently. Advice for A College Athlete.

Advice: Find a Passion Beyond the Game. Hedge Your Bets Early

34:15: Find something that excites you and chase it.

38:15: Kevin reached out to us. This is EXACTLY why we are doing this website and podcast. We're creating a network and helping others. Very important.

40:15: Outro.

3 Ways You Can Help:

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Send us Feedback on how you thought it went.

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