What's Next Connections: Part 1

Stonington, CT

A few days ago I was on the phone with one of our previous guests, Kevin Tarca. He had reached out to Neil on the same day to talk about some of his current ideas and experiences now that he’s returned back to the U.S. after spending a year with the European Basketball League. I gave him a call and we got to talking about some new ideas for our own careers and the future of What’s Next (stay tuned, it’s all super exciting). After a few minutes, Kevin said, “dude, by the way, I got a LinkedIn message the other day from someone who listened to my interview. He just wanted to connect. Pretty cool!”

The person who reached out to Kevin was another one of our interviewees, Kevin Cope. These guys have never crossed paths before, never heard of one another, never spoken to one another. But the What’s Next platform brought them together and enabled them to connect. This is why we created this. This connection continues to validate our reason for being and our mission to build connections by telling the stories of others. Kevin Tarca said, “the fact that he reached out to simply say hello and connect is huge. Now we have an additional person in our networks and another friend/colleague with similar passions and mindsets to build and grow with.”

I wanted to check in via this blog post to express my excitement over seeing the platform work organically, without the four of us making any introductions. It is these types of stories that push us to connect as many student athletes as we possibly can. We will continue to publish the stories of inspiring and passionate student athletes and we hope you all take the time to put yourself out there (see Neil’s vlog post) and form meaningful connections. So tell us about the connections, if any, you make through the What's Next platform and we'll add them to What's Next Connections.

Let’s work together to figure out What’s Next. This is just the beginning.


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