QUICK HITS: Seizing the Opportunity with Former Catholic University of America Safety Miniard Culpep

Q: What the heck is a QUICK HIT?!

A: In this week's interview with Miniard we took a different approach. Sometimes our day-to-day doesn't allow for us to enjoy a full forty-five minute podcast. Things come up, we get distracted and we miss out on valuable information that maybe we could have put into action that very day.


QUICK HITS are abbreviated interviews that fit in a fifteen minute or less time frame. You can now get your daily dose of What's Next in between classes, on your short commute to work, or quickly on your lunch break. These interviews although shorter are no less impactful than our featured stories. Simply put, we drilled down to the key points quicker for your listening convenience!

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This weeks interview!


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Guest: Miniard Culpepper, Catholic University Alumni, entering his third year as an Attorney for the Federal Government

At one point in his life, hurting people on the football field was something that Miniard worked hard at everyday. Fast-forward to the present day and you'll find Miniard is on a much different mission but with the same tenacity and work ethic that he had in his playing days at Catholic University. Entering his third year as an Attorney for the Federal Government his goal is to help as many people as possible and he is well on his way.

Let's get into it.

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00:55: The benefits of putting yourself out there.

Learn as much as possible.

“Take everyday as a practice to get better at whatever your craft is”

02:13: Fulfillment through coaching.

How teaching kids to be better football players will also allow you to teach them life skills.

Finding your niche: Even if it’s outside your 9 to 5.

04:18: Effective networking is not just building a network of volume but building one that you can actually create and maintain relationships through.

First interning to get your foot in the door.

You will learn: How utilizing your resources in college can help provide direction on your career path.

“You have to be doing as much as you can if you are really committed to getting wherever you want to go”

08:37: Biggest college regret.

Take advantage of any opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

09:25: Do what’s necessary to support yourself while you pursue your dreams.

“Where you are right now is where you’re supposed to be. So, if you’re at a job that you might be hating right now, you’re there for a reason.”

11:40: Outro

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