Show Up! with Matt Pegler


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Guest: Matt Pegler, Ex-College of Charleston Pitcher and Current Financial Crimes Analyst & MLB Agent/Advisor

Very happy to have Matt on the podcast this week. He's a charismatic guy who jumped at the opportunity to chat with us about what's going on in his day-to-day. That's good for us because it's an awesome story. Great college pitcher, forgoes an opportunity to play in the Minors for a Law School enrollment. Get's a job out of law school and somehow finds time to manage an upstart Player Agency outside of his 9 to 5. He talks about showing up to things, truly "showing up" and having the right mindset to make the most out of each interaction.

We know you'll like it, so let's get started....

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Matt Pegler at College of Charleston

Show Notes/Important Points:

0:00: Intro to Matt

2:30: Matt introduces himself

4:00: The importance of preparing for life after sports (even after winning awards)

5:30: Coaching After School and Why He Left

7:00: Law School Experience

10:50: Chasing a Passion, Starting the path towards being an Agent

12:25: Signing his first player

13:30: What he learned from being rejected from bigger agencies. How he developed a chip on his shoulder.

What You'll Learn: How to Respond to Rejection

16:30: The Importance of Truly Giving a Crap and Developing a Connection with People

22:50: The Importance of Networking

What You'll Learn: How to Networking Effectively (hint... it starts in College!)

29:00: How he got his first job at US Bank

What You'll Learn: The importance of Showing Up!

31:30: Advice for a Younger Self

What You'll Learn: 3 Biggest Pieces of Advice for Anyone in College or Going Through Transitions

35:00: How We Can Help Matt!

39:00: Outro

We liked this video because it shows that even after winning SOCON Pitcher of the Year, Matt was focused on a career:

Contact Matt:

Twitter: Matt_Pegler

Phone: 864-420-3184


#baseball #lawschool #agent #passion #chasedreams

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