A Life Without Cheat Codes. with Alex Bubnov

What's Next: Anthony, Kevin, Gary

Guest: Alex Bubnov

Former collegiate and professional gymnast from University of Michigan. Currently the National Director of eSports Training at Barwis Methods

College Accolades: Back-to-back BIG10 Champions (2013 & 2014), Back-to-back National Champions (2013 & 2014), Undefeated (2013 & 2014), Largest victory margins since the 80's (2013 & 2014)

Alex was a really interesting guest for us this week. He's an extremely engaging and knowledgeable guy who is all about taking risks. Former standout gymnast at the University of Michigan, who also had a short stint on the professional circuit in Europe. Alex has an exercise science background and teaches us about his gymnastics "come up" as well as the translation of his training to now working with eSport athletes. You will definitely walk away from this interview having learned something new! Enjoy!

Listen Here:



Show Notes/Important Points

0:00 Intro to Alex

Connection Alert: Alex also knows former interviewee, from U Michigan - Haley Jones!

3:17 Alex's start with gymnastics

4:45 A peek into the intensity and culture of gymnastics

What You'll Learn: Gymnastics is no joke! The training and commitment make young kids treat this sport like a 9-5 with the vision of becoming elite.

8:30 Making the "gymnastics is my life" decision and its effects

13:59 What is the reality of life after gymnastics ?

What You'll Learn: There is an underground professional gymnastics world, however for most, if you are not an Olympian you better have a backup plan.

19:42 Alex's academic profile and how that helped launch his career

What You'll Learn: How Alex's sport and major went hand-in-hand to pushing him to want to learn more and stay engaged.

23:42 Alex's perspective on getting a coaching job and the lessons within that

What You'll Learn: Go coach! You will be challenged and it can change your outlook going forward.

26:10 Alex's connection to Barwis Methods (Elite Sport Performance Company) and how opportunities can come from anywhere


29:45 Alex's personal step-by-step to becoming his own boss

What You'll Learn: If you don't have the job you want, create it! - Alex develops a role for his skills in eSports by taking a huge risk.

31:50 Alex's new career starts by approaching a stranger at a coffee shop

33:30 Alex reaches back to Barwis Methods to try to formulate a branch of eSports onto their company

35:05 Alex explains eSports

What You'll Learn: Major connections to traditional sports, huge fan base, big money in tournament payouts.

37:40 What is happening in the brain and the body of an eSports athlete

39:15 The actual work - what Alex's job looks like in real time, at least for right now

41:36 Alex helps out an athlete who has been keeping his gaming a secret - now he's in a championship tournament - how do you handle the pressure?

What You'll Learn: Shaquell'e Oniell and Steve Aoki have an eSports team - eSports is blowing up !

45:47 What are the challenges Alex faces in not only starting something new but starting something that has never been done before.

What You'll Learn: It may get lonely! How are you going to get people to believe in what you do?

49:50 Listening to your gut but also utilizing the information, criticism of others.

51:00 Alex's advice for current student athletes grappling with, What's Next?

"Be in the moment, finish what you started. You'll be surprised how prepared you are as an athlete." - Alex

52:25 What's next for Alex.... "making it tangible"

57:10 Outro

Check out Alex on the rings, killing it at University of Michigan!

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