The Art of Perseverance with Adam Greenberg pt.1


Guest: Adam Greenberg, Former - Major League Baseball Player and Current CEO of Lurong Living and author of the just-released book "Get Up | The Art of Perseverance".

What's Next?: Ant, Gary, Kevin, Neil

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It's pretty cool when we sit here and think about how this interview came about. It was 2005 and I was 15 when Adam Greenberg, a guy who grew up in the small, Connecticut town of Guilford, got his call to the bigs. For the rest of us in CT it was like we all made it. Everyone knew his name and we huddled around the TV screen to watch his first at bat. Adam overcame myriad obstacles to get to the big leagues. But what was immeasurable during that climb was his passion. That's why when the first pitch Adam saw drilled him in the back of the head we all were fearful at first, but knew that he would come back. We just didn't know it would be such an intensive, grueling, 7-year journey.

Adam sat down with us to talk about the process and how his investment into the art of Perseverance, paid off in ways that far exceed the baseball field. He was kind enough to share some amazing advice for anyone out there going through adversity and it starts with your mindset. We hope you guys enjoy this and want to give a special thanks to Kevin's Mom (Mrs. C!!) and Meredith who saw Adam's Today Show appearance last month and recommended we reach out to him for an interview. We're extremely fortunate he said "yes."


Adam's story has been widely publicized since 2005. So we wanted to provide you with a few videos to give you a bit more of a baseline before we dive in. Keep a tissue handy for some of these!

-Original "Outside the Lines" Piece on Adam's Injury and Recovery (Pre "One at Bat") : Video

-Intro to Adam's story and interview with Matt Lauer. (have a tissue handy):

-Adam's Second at Bat, after 7 years of rehab and relentless pursuit, and some incredible campaigning from Matt Liston and thousands of fans. Video

I want to leave you with an excerpt from his book that really stuck with me before we dive into the interview. It explains why his story can relate to any human being out there.

"Adam looked out at the rows of young people in front of him eagerly waiting to hear him speak. He began:

'I want you guys to go back in your own life and think about the greatest thing that has ever happened to you, whatever it is. I want you to really dwell on whatever it was that made you feel that way. I want you to really feel that emotion. Remember what it felt like to have such an amazing thing happen to you. Just hold onto that moment okay?

"Now I'm going to do something I don't normally like to do at all. I want you to think about the worst thing that's ever happened to you. I'm not a negative guy so it's hard for me to even say that, but think about something that really hurt, emotionally or physically. I want you to fixate on that emotion, how you felt, what you were going through. Take that most amazing feeling an mix it with the terrible feeling, that terrible thing that happened. Now Imagine what it would feel like if those two things happened, at the exact same time Because that's what happened to me. It's where our story begins...'"

Let's get into it.

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Show Notes/Important Points:

0:05: Intro to Adam

3:15: Kevin's Mom sales pitch for why Adam needs be on the podcast

4:14: Adam introduces himself, tells his story.

Playing at University of North Carolina.

Getting Drafted and rising through the Minor Leagues.

What You'll Learn: How Setting A Goal early on makes things real!

8:15: Controlling his Mindset and how it lead to an incredible opportunity to get promoted.

What You'll Learn: the importance of positive outlook on opportunities. How they can turn into something great.

"Because I was prepared the opportunity presented itself."

11:45: Getting "The Call" to the Pros. "You are going to the major leagues." *gives me the chills to type it*

14:55: The At Bat

18:15: The Power of a Positive Outlook

What You'll Learn: How to Build Perseverance

It's a trained condition, If you keep your mind in the right place and condition it positively, that's where it will stay.

22:45: Treating your mindset like a skill

Ant: "We often look at things like playing a piano as a skill. And we invest all this money and have patience with it. But when we look at mental skills like being attentive, resilient, or perseverant there isn't nearly nearly the same investment."

26:05: Having the right mindset around Opportunities and why Adam is grateful for every opportunity, good or bad.

What You'll Learn: You have no control over the result. So there for the real "result" is the journey, the people you meet along the way, and the mindset you control.

32:00: Finding the Inner Belief.

What You'll Learn: How to get to a point where you can trust your gut.

35:55: How to find a mentor, what to look for in a mentor.

What are you doing? Where are you in life? Who are you putting yourself around?

41:05: How Chasing a Passion (Baseball) has led to other passions (starting a career).

Note: You cant "choose" a passion. Chase the things you care about and the practice of being "passionate" becomes contagious.

Reach Out:

Adam's Twitter

Lurong Living

Want to hear more? Get his Book!: Get Up: The Art of Perseverance

- Kevin and I recorded a review of his book and will release that the week after his part 2. Interview.

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