The Art of Perseverance with Adam Greenberg pt. 2


Guest: Adam Greenberg, Former - Major League Baseball Player and Current CEO of Lurong Living and author of the just-released book "Get Up | The Art of Perseverance".

What's Next?: Ant, Gary, Kevin, Neil

If you all left Part 1 of Adam's interview feeling inspired, excited, and wanting more, well then you've come back to the right place. Tune in now to Part 2, where Adam talks about networking, identifying your passion, and taking control over your life. Learn about how his company, Lurong Living, came to life and why he is ensuring that every single customer of his is treated like gold. We could have talked with Adam for hours upon hours, but we eventually had to call it a night. So here it is, we hope you enjoy Part 2 as much as we did.

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The Art of Perseverance pt. 1

Show Notes/Important Points

4:16 - HOW TO identify where to focus your time and attention.

5:41 - GOING DEEPER THAN WHAT YOU ARE SIMPLY PASSIONATE ABOUT. Figuring out what excites you, what do you spend your time thinking about.

7:27 - While you are playing - talk to people! YOU LITERALLY NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL MEET NEXT.

- EXHIBIT A: (9:56) - Fan, to physician, to business partner.

14:42 - Lurongs's breakthrough moment

16:53 -

“We can’t control everything, but we can control a lot more than we give ourselves credit for."

Wrap Up -

24:48 - The first step to transitioning into what's next.

"The greater the goal the greater the obstacle in you way"

27:52 - Things happen when you don't ask for them in return.

30:00 - Adam enjoys his conversation with Gary

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Adam's Twitter

Lurong Living

Want to hear more? Get his Book!: Get Up: The Art of Perseverance

Click here to find the book on Amazon

- Book review from Neil and Kevin coming soon!

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