QUICK HITS: How Reframing Failure Creates Opportunities with Heather (Buck) Bennett


Guest: Heather Bennett, Former - Basketball Player the University of Connecticut.

Currently - A Nurse in the emergency room of the Connecticut Children's Medical Center

What's Next?: Ant, Gary, Kevin, Neil

heather buck on a fast break vs Louisville

Heather Buck is as cool, calm and collected as they come. And it makes sense, she was a big time recruit in high school where chants like “Geno’s (Auriemma) watching!” were as routine to her as sinking free throws. She didn’t waiver and eventually followed suit and went on to play at UCONN for Geno Auriemma. Couple that with being involved in an intensive nursing program that eventually landed her in Connecticut’s Children’s Medical Center Emergency Room Unit and you have a dynamic nurse who is tackling helping children in crisis the same way she tackled life as a high profile student athlete at UCONN. Heather undoubtedly knows how to work under pressure. It is conditioned in her bones. Her adult life has become the art of performing under pressure. Some would say it was vital to her success at UCONN, she would say being able to do it as a nurse is even more important. In the ER there is no second half, there is no :30 second time-outs, there is only you and your patient and the clock can’t hit 0.

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Show Notes/Important Points

02:38 - Finding a major that is right for you. Having your "Plan B" if/when athletics comes to an end.

PS: Marquette has a pretty cool tool to help decide your major, check it out here

05:40 - Heather talks about struggling with the decision whether to play basketball overseas or go straight into her career as a nurse.

06:38 - Being grateful for and reflecting upon her playing career. "Romanticizing" the idea of still playing the game and being okay with leaving the game.

07:30 - How UCONN basketball has prepared her for the challenges of the Emergency Room. "Chase Perfection. Catch Excellence." Why and how this motto has followed her beyond the basketball court.

08:25 -

"College athletics is not just about playing a sport and being really good at it, it's also about learning about yourself and learning what you're capable of; not about going out and winning titles. It's about going out and doing things the right way."

09:20 - Playing the game for more than yourself, with a bigger purpose.

10:21 - Heather tells us how she has had to deal with the extreme pressures of the Emergency Room. She talks about playing to her strengths and knowing her role.

12:32 - Listen to the lessons learned from college athletics and how those lessons translate to a professional career.

14:14 - FAILURE and why it is necessary. At UCONN, Heather recounts the brutal practices and how, in her words:

"We had failed over and over and over again when nobody was watching so that we were prepared to be successful when everybody was watching."

Here's a glimpse at some of her infamous practices. Coach Auriemma talks about the importance of mixing things up and having "no excuses".

18:26: Outro


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