Betting on Yourself with Alex Tuccio

Lineup What's Next: Gary, Kevin, Neil

Guest: Alex Tuccio, Former Baseball Player at Siena College and Current Founder/CEO of ScoutDay

He may have been a foe on the field at one point but we couldn't be happier to have connected on a professional/personal level with Alex Tuccio. He's an extremely well rounded individual who has entrepreneurial blood flowing through his veins. For those of you who are thinking about starting your own company of any kind, or may be in the process of doing so now, you're going to want to listen with a pen and paper close by.

Alex graduated from Siena College in 2016 with a mindset mature beyond his years as he was already on the verge of securing funding for ScoutDay, the company he created in college. He talks about everything from balancing his entrepreneurial endeavors with baseball to a full on 101 session about effectively leveraging influencer marketing. There is so much to learn from in this episode that we have already began outlining what the next segment with Alex will look like.

We know you'll like it, so let's get started....

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Show Notes/Important Points:

5:52 - HE DID WHAT?!?! -- Alex turned down the opportunity to continue his athletic career & go for his MBA. Find out why!

8:55 - You'll Learn: The importance of TRYING STUFF

10:00 - YOU GOTTA KNOW WHAT YOU WANT -- Alex talks about why setting a clear vision is so important to taking the necessary steps to attaining your goals.

"Your vision needs to be yours"

11:20 - SOCIAL SUICIDE -- Listen to Alex's perspective on making "incorrect social decisions" and how it played a factor in his success as an entrepreneur.

12:58 - You'll Learn: The benefits of surrounding yourself with likeminded people.

17:03 - HI HATERS! -- Not everyone is going to agree with or follow your vision and that it OK. You don't need to convince everyone else. The only person you really need to convince is yourself.

19:10 - ALL ABOUT SCOUTDAY -- Alex gets into the "why" and "how" of ScoutDay.

23:33 - INFLUENCER MARKETING 101 -- Alex goes in depth on how to leverage influencer marketing as a tactic to grow your following organically.

34:35 - FUNdraising -- Alex shares his perspective on investors and acquiring funding as a first time entrepreneur. And guess what?? IT'S NOTHING LIKE SHARK TANK!

39:22 - No RAGRETS (I know I spelled it wrong) -- Alex discusses some things about starting a company that he learned along the way and he may change his approach on a few of those things given the opportunity.


51:07 - Outro

Enjoyed this one? Share it with two past teammates. Use it as an excuse to reconnect with somebody you haven't talked with in a while!


Contact Alex:

ScoutDay Instagram: @scout_day

Contact us at What's Next by going to the "Contact" page at the top of the website!

Thanks for tuning in!

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