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January 8, 2018

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28 Days Later with Alex Miner-Barron

December 19, 2017


Guest: Alex Miner-Barron, former hockey player and current founder of (AMB)


What's Next?: Ant & Neil


Welcome back everyone! We hope you've had a great week so far. Time to strap in for one of our favorite episodes so far. Alex Miner-Barron is a fellow Quinnipiac Bobcat, playing 4 years for our powerhouse Hockey Team. He was part of two National Championship losses (which he dives into) and played professionally after graduating. Alex is now the founder of (AMB)

a company/culture/movement driven to helping people who have decided to improve their lives (physically and emotionally). His clients range from Professional Athletes to the average working man or woman who is trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle. 


Alex was super candid with us on what his path has been leading up to where he is today. He battle with depression, misidentification, and loss have brought him to a point where he is ready and passionate every day helping other people (SUCH and important point btw that also came up in Adam's part 2 interview).


I'll leave you with a quote from his website before we jump in:


Change doesn't happen over the course of a few years...

It happens the second you say





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0:00 Intro to Alex, Here's the website for the guys over at NexGoal. They are a company aimed at helping athletes get into We also like their blog, especially one of their recent posts "Job Seeking Tips for Those with No Experience."


3:30: Why Alex turned down his dream to play professionally to chase his calling at AMB

5:20: Losing in two National Championship games


What You'll Learn: How Failure Can Help You, But Not Define You


9:00: College Experience as 21-year old Freshman (After playing Junior-Hockey before school!)

10:30: Experience of Playing Professional Hockey in France

14:05: Finding Happiness After Sports


"The actual career you take on after sports is irrelevant. The most important thing you do after stepping out of something you've known your entire life is to ensure you are happy."


15:00: What You'll Learn: We are Actually more prepared for life after sports than we give ourselves credit for.


22:00 Being dead broke and eat rice and beans everyday taught me the most about myself! 

25:00 Alex makes a huge choice in his life.... 2 roads diverge and he takes _______________.


26:00 What You'll Learn: Sometimes the story isn't as beautiful as it seems. Sometimes rock bottom is the best foundation for you to build your life on.


30:05: What he's doing at AMB, and how he has assembled such a great team around him.


See More here at "The 3 Rules That Changes My Life"


33:20 How did people buy into the uniqueness of your business?

34:45 The AMB Business model 


37:35 What You'll Learn: How do you measure progress and what is a "micro-win"?


41:00 Goals don't have to be set in stone. What matters at AMB is helping people.

42:25 Alex's advice for student athletes - and his advice for athletes who are struggling with mental health issues. 

48:00 Find out what's next for Alex (If you're in Vancouver in January......) !! 







Enjoyed this one? Share it with two past teammates, possibly some who have battled with mental health issues in the past. Use it as an excuse to reconnect with somebody you haven't talked with in a while! 




Contact Alex: Reach Out on His Website

Alex Miner-Barron Instagram: @alexminerbarron


Contact us at What's Next by going to the "Contact" page at the top of the website!


Thanks for tuning in!




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