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January 8, 2018

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Just the Guys

December 19, 2017

It's the holiday season and schedules get pretty hectic so we thought it was a great time to get just the four of us on an recalibrate a bit. We're over 13 episodes in now and our audience has grown thanks to the support of you all. So here is a fun one we we talk to a few of the major themes that have come out of the podcast so far.


Items we'll cover:

-Favorite moment of the podcast so far

-A bit about us

-A book or Podcast we always recommend to others

-A purchase we've made in the last 5 years of less than $100* that has improved our life

-A habit that has changes our lives

-Something we need to be at our very best


*Ant broke the rules


Let's Dive in (show notes below the picture of 2/4 of the current What's Next team during our playing days at QU:

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Hiring or Looking for Work?


A company transforming the recruiting space, especially for sales and marketing professionals. Check out Scott and the Try SomethingNew team on their website, or follow them on instagram @trysomethingnew. 

Show Notes/Important Points:


3:15 - 11:00 Our favorite moments of the show so far:

  Gary: (Shout out to Kevin Cope!)

  Kevin : (Shout out Vianna and how we got in touch with Adam Greenberg)

  Ant: (Helping people through writing) Check out those Chalk Talks! We appreciate the feedback!

  Neil:  (How this podcast has expanded past the sporties!: Army Veterans, College Graduates)


12:00 - 19:30  Books or resources that we like the most

  Ant: Living in the Sweat Spot A real, evidence-based, self help (work) book

  Kevin: School Of Greatness from Lewis Howes & Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

  Gary: Extreme Ownership the life of Navy Seals and how their practices can apply to business and your regular life


An Example of What's Next: Gary's new role and how he is pursuing his passion


22:00: Why Kevin went to Law School so he could live with Ant :) & how he is using his degree to chase a passion.


24:00 How to find your passion.


Find those things that you're making time for. That's how you find your passion.



An Example of What's Next Next: Ant's Degree change and what he's doing now as a mental health professional.


Call to Miniard's quick hit episode and how every day is a learning experience.


30:15 Tips for Young Proffesionals


31:30 - 38:45 Habits we've picked up from interviews or that we enjoy

  Kevin: Disconnecting from your phone (Shout out Wyatt!)

  Ant: "Magical Thinking" and how sometimes habits can harm (if used incorrectly) 

  Gary: Cooking for yourself helps on so many levels. Health: mental and physical.

  Neil: Do my best to stay positive. Dive into the next conversation when in a funk.


I like to dress really nice for work. It makes me feel more prepared, ready, confident.


40:09 -  Purchase you made under $100 in the last 5 years that has changed your life

  Kevin: The 5 Minute Journal

  Ant (Cheater!!): Crossfit membership and how making coffee every morning helps pay for his membership. His two gyms JP Crossfit and Fitness by the Sea

  Gary: Putting together an alumni golf outing and how the cost of setting it up was worth it. Oh, and his reversible belt! (shout out Penguin).

  Neil: Wireless headphones that are cheap


Spend money on experience, not things. 


49:30: Upcoming episodes.



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