Three is (a) Company with the Beyar Sisters


Guest: Alaina, Carly & Julie Beyar. Co-Founders of Balanced Beyars.

What's Next?: Kevin & Neil

The Beyars are three sisters & certified holistic health coaches. Through food, humor, real-talk & coaching programs, they are changing the way the world perceives their client at a time.

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Alaina Carly & Julie Beyar

From left to right: Alaina, Carly & Julie Beyar

Let's get into it!

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0:00 Intro

2:00 Meet the Beyars - Growing up in Staten Island and Traveling 4 hours round trip every day to play soccer.

- Alaina played at Boston College

- Carly played at Fairfield

- Julie played at Wheaton

The curse of a college athlete, "I'll Run it Off Later"

7:00 how underserved we are as college athletes with nutritional information.

9:30 when they started taking health and wellness seriously

"When I graduated college I had such a hard time transitioning from Soccer to the real world. I had no idea what my passions were. Or who I was, or even what I was good at." Alaina (Beyar) Cross

What You'll Learn: Never lose the athelete. There is something to be said for staying in shape and testing your body!

12:00 Carly Founding Soccergrlprobs, a company providing fun content, clothing and tips for soccer players everywhere. Check out their instagram, they have 180k followers and counting!

13:45 Julie's experience being the youngest, graduating last and finding nutrition while in school and submitting a video in order to get a scholarship for her Institute of Integrative Nutrition certification.

On taking care of themselves. "It got to the point where it wasn't a chore anymore. It was fun and we got to bond over it."

21:00 What You'll Learn: The importance of being in infinite learner

22:00 The benefits of being competitive in business. What it's like to work with your sisters.

When you're empowering another person. You indirectly lift up yourself up. It's the best feeling in the world.

25:00: What You'll Learn: The mental gains from staying physically active after school, It's Step One. And step one, SOMETHING, is the best step.

-29:00: What "holistic" means in health care.

30:15: How to create better relationships with your clients

Biggest issues they see with their clients:

1) We don't drink enough water

2) Complicated diets

3) Resistance to "simple" changes

34:00 The 31 Day Challenge: Free for you!

37:00 The Whole30 Cookbook

42:00 The importance of having somebody to get healthy with. A significant other, friend, whoever!

Is anyone going to sign up for our programs?! hint: they did, and are in droves.

Wrap Up:

53:00: Advice for Younger Self:

Julie: Finding something you are passionate about and sticking with it. Even in a part-time capacity.

Alaina: Go with the flow. Find an interest and continue to pursue it. Experiences, chase experiences.

Carly: Calm the F*** down. Utilize the resources in your school.

Balanced Beyars

Carly, Julie and Alaina Beyar

Resources they Recommend

Alaina: Shawn Stevenson - The Model Health Show

Carly: Andy Frisella - MFCEO

Julie: You are a Badass - Jen Sincero

Follow them all On Instagram:

Balanced Beyars: @balancedbeyars

Alaina: @alainarcross

Carly: @carlybeyar please check out her page @soccergrlprobs

Julie: @juliebeyar

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