Serving Up a Healthy Lifestyle w/ Emilie Burgess


Guest: Emilie Burgess, Registered Dietitian

What's Next: Kevin (first LIVE recording)

Emilie Burgess is a former UCONN tennis player from Stonington, CT who has recently entered her career as a registered dietitian. Emilie gives us great insight into why she chose this particular career path and how she has relentlessly pursued it. She talks to us about the current state of "fad diets" (and how they are more of an problem than a solution) and lends some advice about how we can implement a more "healthy" diet. She also throws in some first hand entrepreneurial lessons learned from her recent launch of

Lets get into this awesome episode !

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0:00 Intro with Kevin

1:43 Emilie introduces herself and talk about her tennis career at UCONN.

3:50 Emilie experiences her own "what's next" moment earlier than she expected.

TAKE AWAY - We all go through our own small "what's next" moments in all stages of our life. Sometimes our passions and interests fade away and that is OKAY. Once we learn to move on to fresh, new things we can discover so much more about ourselves.

5:00 Emilie's transition into the world of nutrition.

9:00 Redefining yourself -- from "athlete" to "former athlete"

TAKE AWAY - When you're in that "stuck" point, make a list of five things that interest you and implement each of them into your lifestyle in SOME way (i.e. join clubs, take classes, read a related book). You never know what you could discover.

12:05 How Emilie fully immersed herself into the world of nutrition.

13:00 "The Athlete Diet"

15:00 What all former athletes need to change about their diets as they move into the real world.

"Every person's lifestyle is different. Generally, it is finding that 80/20 balance."

16:00 What the 80/20 balance is and how to find it.

BIGGEST ISSUE WITH NUTRITION: "People joining in on the bandwagon fads. People thinking they have to hop on these nutrition and fitness bandwagons as soon as they start coming up, when there's no research backing these things up right now."

23:28 What is it like working as a clinical dietitian in a hospital

27:00 How to become a dietitian -- step by step process

33:00 No "one size fits all" nutrition approach.

"Each athlete is so different. in the way they should be fueling up for a practice or game.

34:30 Lessons learned through starting own business (website, marketing, networking)

36:20 Advice for current student athletes:

(1) Try new things. You never know what you will end up loving.

(2) Persistence is everything.

(3) Never be afraid to reach out to people. Everyone wants to help you.

(4) Find a positive in every negative.

38:50 Resources Emilie frequently turns to:

(1) How Not To Die

(2) Health & Wellness Section of NY Times

(3) Nancy Clark (author of various nutrition books)

What's Next for Emilie? Her goal is to break into the sports nutrition world ASAP (hopefully while living in the Boston area).

46:00 Outro

If you liked what you heard, here is how you can get in touch with Emilie:

Instagram: @emthedietitian


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