From Hoop Dreams to Hope Dreams

Guest: Timmance McKinney

What's Next: Kevin & Ant

Timmance McKinney was name that carried a lot of basketball weight in the Boston area. He was a highly touted prospect at all levels of his game but with that came no shortage of struggle and hardship. Timmance played his ball out west at Colorado Northwestern and Lake Region State after bouncing around in high school, and getting caught up in the wild life AUU Basketball circuit. He takes us through his ups and downs and eventually we land with him back in Boston, go figure, mentoring and helping young kids with hoop dreams make better decisions to make those dreams a reality

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0:00 - 2:00 Intro with Kev and Ant

2:40 - Storytime with Timmance. The basketball dream with a kid from the city.

4:00 - The struggles - Incarcerated family, single mom, bounced around to a few different high schools, staying focused on a tough AAU circuit.

6:40 - AAU isn’t that different from the streets if you’re in with the wrong crowd - Favors, $$$ and promises.

“The reason I became affiliated with that AAU program was because it was going to save my friends life.”

9:50 - The reason he’s in this service work

“Too many of my friends walked to the street after that ball stopped bouncing.”

13:00 - Shared experiences = the core of the his mentoring work.

14:30 - The same coaches and guys that recruited me, are still around and I stay in touch with them for this work.

15:30 - The role of Timmance’s family as his support system through his ups & downs.

19:15- The recruitment process … ACC, BIg East !

20:45 - The importance of academics

“Yeah if you’re good you’ll get a school, but do you have the grades.”

24:30- Getting involved in kids ives and the mentoring program

“Even when I was young I always thought, hey maybe down the road this guy will hire me on his staff.”

27:50- It’s not just about right now.

29:00 The biggest challenge Timmance sees with young kids and getting them on the right track.

31:00 A huge success story with one of Timmance’s mentees

36:00 Expanding his programs via social media

37:00- The lessons learned !

41:00 What's next for Timmance... Head High School Coach ?

45:00 All the contacts! Timmance is never going Hollywood !

"You never know when you can save somebody's life."

48:10- Outro

Connect with Timmance:


"Instagram: @timmance_mckinney

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