Always Add Value with Mike Glaicar

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Guest: Mike Glaicar, Founder, TrueConnect

What's Next: Ant, Gary, Kevin & Neil

Mike Glaicar is Founder & CEO of TrueConnect Systems, a cloud based sales software focussed on bringing humanity back to business.

Mike formerly played Division 1 college hockey at Quinnipiac University before playing a year of pro with the Minnesota Wild's affiliate Rapid City Rush. Mike's career was cut short as he suffered a career ending concussion during his rookie year.After retiring, Mike began a career in advertising sales in the medical publishing space and most recently with Fast Company Magazine in Manhattan. After years of using sub-par sales software, Mike decided to build a better solution and started TrueConnect in September of 2017.

 Mike, in the zone.

Lets get into this awesome episode!

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0:00 Intro with Neil and Ant

2:30 Mike talks playing juniors after high school while looking for a college scholarship. Then the tough transition from being two years away from school to a college freshman.

5:40 Deciding a major. Getting involved with Qunnipiac's MBA program and realizing business was his future

6:30 On how to have success as a student - athlete:

"It's as much as figuring out the system as it working hard and studying. Which professors are understanding of your balance as an athlete? Which ones are willing to stay after class when you need it?"

On how flexible and understanding Quinnipiac's business professors were during his time there. There weren't special favors, just people who empathized with your workload. 

9:00 What's Next Moment: transition to professional hockey after college. Getting a career-ending concussion. Making the decision to quit and figure out..... what's next

13:00 Mike's stance on networking and what it really means to him. Importance of adding value first.

"Networking has become such a dirty word because it has become so transactional. Take a different approach and see how you can add value. If you go into it requesting something, expecting something, that's when people get turned off. 


17:00 Importance of having a cause, exploring a purpose.

Instagram: Passion_Purpose_Profit

First initiative: I AM YOU Buying and handing out blankets to the homeless. Hearing the stories of homeless people provided more value than any money.

21:00 First years in sales, and his disappointment in the transactional nature of sales. The lack of connection. He shifted from "always be closing" to "always add value."

"As an ex-athlete you already have the skills to succeed in sales. Whether you know it or not."

23:30 Taking the leap into TrueConnect, starting with content before launching his product (aka....adding value!)

TrueConnect: Sales software for relationship-based salespeople. Facilitates human interaction between rep and prospect/client.

-Why Real Estate, Alumni Affairs, and more will find value in TrueConnect

28:00 What Sales People are doing wrong: Not adding value, trying to close every deal even if it isn't a fit.

30:00 Mentors:People he came across with organically. It wasn't transactional.

-Why books are some of the best mentors!

31:30 Advice for entrepreneurs, what it's REALLY like being an entrepreneur.

"Why do we feel guilty saying we're salespeople?"

36:00 Advice for people in transition asking "What's Next?"

-Meet People, even if it's uncomfortable

-Put yourself out there

"It only takes one yes. A 90% fail rate is a 10% win rate"

42:00 Resources Mike Recommends:

The Go Giver by Bob Burke & John David Mann (how business actually works)

Growth Hacker by Ryan Holiday


Gary Vaynerchuck

Tim Ferriss

Tony Robbins

"Personal development and business, there isn't really a gap in between. It's about being successful in all areas of your life."

How  You Can Get in Touch With Mike:

Instagram: @passion_purpose_profit

TrueConnect: website -

#Icehockey #quinnipiac

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