Landing Your Dream Job in Professional Sports with Kim Miner


Guest: Kim Miner, Club Counsel/SVP at Pawtucket Red Sox

What's Next: Kevin

Kim Miner is an in-house lawyer for the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. .

Kim formerly played softball at Tufts University before going on to earn her law degree at Harvard Law School. Kim spent her undergraduate and graduate years working towards a career in the sports industry (she was even the ball girl for the Boston Red Sox) and she has now landed her dream job as an attorney for a professional baseball organization.

Lets get into this awesome episode!

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0:00 Intro with Kevin

3:00 Kim talks about playing sports at a young age and what made her want to play at the college level.

4:13 Her own "whats next" moment while playing softball at Tufts and how she dealt with a early transition.

6:30 Transitioning into law school after graduating from Tufts

8:11 Kim talks about how she found a new identity and new hobbies to help her transition away from softball

"I needed something to fill the void at that point, where I did just need something else to work on -- and I think a lot of collegiate athletes can understand that, the urge to always be doing something."

10:30 What's Next Moment: preparing for life after the game. Being aware that the end is near and setting yourself up for a new beginning.

"I started thinking about it in high school to some extent -- that college is going to be the end of the line."

14:57 How Kim began working in the sports industry -- doing the jobs nobody else wanted to do. She talks about the different jobs she did with the Boston Red Sox before ever becoming part of the legal department.

21:12 Does having an IVY League education really put you ahead of everyone else? Why she even considered NOT going to Harvard after being accepted.

"I didn't want people to think that (because of my degree) I didn't think I needed to work hard."

30:00 Kim talks about her day-to-day as a lawyer for the PawSox

33:30 Some similarities between being a pitcher in softball and being the only lawyer on staff.

34:20 The importance of carrying yourself as a professional

36:30 Kim's advice for current student athletes who are about to enter the real world.

"Start to think about the people you surround yourself with and who you should surround yourself with in the future."

38:00 Having a solid base of people around you

"Find what interests you and take any job you can get. Start in the mail room, start wherever you have to start. Just start with it if you're passionate about it, because starting is the hardest part."

41:00 Recommends listening to: Leveling The Playing Field by Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard

42:20 Recommends following Michael McCann, a law professor, legal analyst and sports writer for Sports Illustrated

43:55 What's Next for Kim

How You Can Get in Touch With Kim: LinkedIn

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