On A Highway In Georgia. with Matt Pegler


What's Next - Neil & Gary

Guest - Matt Pegler, Ex-College of Charleston Pitcher & MLB Agent/Advisor

WE. ARE. BACK. And so is Matt Pegler!

Welcome to Season 2 of What's Next!

For those of you who tuned in to Season 1 Episode 7, Matt needs no introduction. The guy is as genuine as they come and has been working his butt off to make The Pegler Agency a success. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off Season 2 than to check in on Matt's progress. In this one, Matt gets into the lessons he's learned since beginning his journey as an agent. For those of you who are in or considering entering the player agency field, this episode is a great opportunity to take Matt's experience and apply it to your own practice. This is just another example of how we can avoid years of detours and mistakes by learning from others who have taken a similar path before us.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to his first interview check out the link below. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't.


Blog Post - Season 1 Episode 7: Show Up! with Matt Pegler

SoundCloud - On A Highway In Georgia. with Matt Pegler

iTunes - On A Highway In Georgia. with Matt Pegler

0:11 - Introduction

1:48 - Welcome back Matt Pegler!

4:08 - Matt gives us a recap. For more on Matt's college transition check out his interview from Season 1.

S1. Ep.1 Show Up! with Matt Pegler

7:06 - Experience is everything. Matt talks about what he has learned in the past year since creating The Pegler Agency.

8:57 - Key takeaway here, become Chipper Jones' agent. Matt talks about different routes to becoming an agent. Some guys need to grind it out for years, other guys link up with their buddies who end up making it big.

11:44 - David v Goliath. Working for a huge established agency compared to gutting it out on your own. Regardless, it takes hard work and dedication.

13:58 - Doing it for the right reasons and creating some good juju for yourself.

19:52 - What some guys are doing after they end their careers. The struggles of what comes next.

22:41- Pursuing your passion while working a completely different full time job.

25:05 - Advice for current/former athletes in a period of transition.

"Show Up!"

28:33 - What's next for Matt...

29:26 - Outro

Contact Matt:

The Pegler Agency

IG: @matt_pegler & @thepegleragency

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